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Emergency Love

February 3, 2014

ImageGina is a 33 year old Trauma nurse, working at a well-known Pretoria hospital in South Africa. She is a tall attractive woman, has long golden hair and crystal clear blue eyes…with the body of an athlete, it is easy to mistake her for a model donning some scrubs.


One night at work, Gina meets Christopher. Only Christopher didn’t meet her, he was unconscious and full of blood. Just 20min ago he was involved in a terrible accident with a bus and a biker…Rushed into casualties by 4 Paramedics, Gina couldn’t believe that such a handsome young man was fighting for his life as she helped log-roll him onto the casualty bed. He was a work of art. Works of art didn’t get hurt…neither did their lives hang on a thin thread. It was evident Chris was in terrible danger. Dilated pupils, rapid pulse and very low Bp all classic signs of shock…




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